Buckles & Bows Sensory Room

We are thrilled to unveil the brand new multi-sensory quiet room which is already proving a fabulous addition to the nursery.

Last autumn (2019), we identified that the Summerhouse wasn’t being used to its full potential and have long believed that a sensory room would satisfy an increasing demand for a quiet space. Therefore, we have been working since the Christmas holidays to transform the out-house to realise the staff’s vision of a room that will stimulate the children’s senses, enhance the development of hearing, sight, smell and touch, increase hand-eye coordination and encourage relaxation.

The sensory room is decorated in relaxing blue and green hues, while sensory lights and bubble light tubes provide a calming ambience and encourage the children to speak in quiet voices to reflect the mood of the room.

Props include soft play shapes, textured mats, which become stepping stones, textured bricks that promote turn taking, and specially selected stories that promote facial movement and sound development.

The room will be used for small group activities, quiet time and for promoting self-regulation in the cases of over-excitement and hyperactivity. 

While the room will undoubtedly significantly enhance the experience of children with special needs, the use of these creative media to stimulate all children’s senses is set to become an invaluable addition to the nursery in the months ahead.  

We are proud of the new space, which will enable the children to interact with the world around them in a safe environment, and look forward to experiencing the increased confidence, learning development and skills that the room promotes.  


The Renovation

The Sensory Room