Week commencing 17th January – Arctic/Antarctic Animals

  • Talk about the lost and found story
  • How are characters feeling throughout?
  • Make an igloo role play area inside
  • Talk about what makes us feel lonely
  • Create marks in glitter
  • Copy names by piping glue and cover with glitter
  • Measure polar bears using cubes
  • Make lost and found small world scene
  • Use large blocks to build a row boat/igloo
  • Jump across the ice sheets on the playground
  • Investigate frozen items
  • Small world sea/ocean with water beads
  • Introduce woodwork bench with tools
  • Blubber experiment – how animals keep warm
  • Create lolly stick snowflakes

Week commencing 10th January – Winter

  • Discuss the signs of winter using picture cards
  • Put on coats independently for outside
  • Read winter themed books, e.g “First Snow” “The Snowman” “Gruffalo’s Child”
  • Match the rhyming mittens
  • Playdough Snowballs/Snowmen
  • Measure how long ice melts using timer
  • Winter wonderland themed tuff spot
  • Build dens for animals using natural resources
  • Paint with coloured ice
  • Make recipes in mud kitchen
  • Make winter sounds using instruments
  • Find things on the winter hunt list
  • Use magnetic letters to print in salt/glitter
  • Investigate items frozen in ice
  • Cut snowflakes with paper
  • Make snowballs in cornflower gloop

Christmas 2021

This week we will:

  • Talk about Christmas traditions
  • Practice Nativity
  • Christmas craft – envelopes, cards, wrapping paper, baubles
  • Pin the nose on the snowman
  • Decorate the tree with baubles
  • Leap like a reindeer
  • Use puppets to tell stories
  • Build Christmas shapes using magnetic shapes
  • Freeze Christmas natural objects
  • Make gloop and roll into snowballs
  • Christmas wrapping area: sellotape, string, scissors
  • Use blocks to build a Christmas scene
  • Put antler pegs on reindeer, matching colours
  • Remove starts from foam using tweezers
  • Match the shape envelopes to the post boxes

Gingerbread Men

This week we will:

  • Talk about the story of the gingerbread man
  • Look at alternative stories
  • Design & make gingerbread men
  • Ginger spiced playdoh
  • Cut people & join using split pins
  • Put buttons on gingerbread men using tweezers
  • Make a bridge across the river
  • Practice nativity songs
  • Use puppets to tell stories
  • Make/bake things in the mud kitchen
  • Draw around children on playground to make gingerbread men

Week commencing 8th November 2021 – Remembrance Day

This week we will:

  • Talk about why the day is special and the meaning behind poppies
  • Make poppies and role play selling them at a stall
  • Role play doctors area for treating the wounded
  • Talk about occupations/families
  • Match the poppies with the numbers
  • Make biscuits into poppies using icing
  • Make painted poppies using handprints and apples
  • Make poppy field landscapes using fingerprints
  • Use playdoh on poppy themed mats and tools
  • Use poppy themed colouring pages
  • Use different shapes to make poppies
  • Draw poppies in sand and glitter
  • Use coloured water with bubbles and cupcake cases

Week commencing 1st November 2021 – Fireworks/Diwali

This week we will:

  • Sing firework songs with sounds
  • Make a dark den and use torches
  • Talk about the festival of light
  • Make fireworks in the sand
  • Draw rangoli patterns with chalk on the playgrounds
  • Dance like like fireworks
  • Listen to the story of Rama & Sita
  • Make fireworks out of shapes
  • Explore sparkly playdough
  • Make catherine wheel pictures with glitter
  • Make 3D junk model rockets
  • Talk about safety at bonfire night