Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Week commencing 18th March 2019:

  • Retell the story using props (L)
  • Make marks in porridge oats (PD)
  • Use language of size; bowls, chairs, beds, bears (M)
  • Pouring/filling containers with oats (M)
  • Build homes for the three bears (PD)
  • Make bears with circles (M)
  • Hospital role play area (EAD)
  • Talk about feelings -how do the bears feel? (PSED)
  • Ice cube painting (EAD)

Little Red Riding Hood

Week commencing 11th March 2019:

  • Talk about the importance of personal hygiene- cleaning teeth, washing hands etc (PSE, PD)
  • Join in with repeated refrains in stories – sequence stories (CL)
  • Make paths with pebbles, put teeth in crocodiles, needles, binca (fine motor, PD)
  • Whats the time Mr Wolf? – follow the paths (Gross motor, PD)
  • Find shapes in the environment, sort by size (M)
  • Make Mother’s Day Cards (EAD)
  • Use computer (UtW)



Sequencing of Little Red Riding Hood

What time is it Mr Wolf?

Sequencing of the story Little Red Riding Hood

Spring 2 Upcoming events

Dear Parents and Carers

We hope you have had a lovely half term break and we look forward to welcoming the children back.

Our topic this week will be ‘Supertato’ and healthy eating! With this in mind please can we remind you that if your child is staying for lunch, that their lunch box is nut free and healthy (no sweetie lollies) with an ice block. Please see Healthy eating policy attached.

Please check out the blog on the website and the Facebook page to see what fun activities we have planned. Due to popular demand this will also be updated at the end of the week showing 2 or 3 photos of the children exploring the activities and their ongoing achievements.

Just a few reminders of the upcoming events for the last half of the Spring term:

Friday 1st March 2019
Spring 2 invoices are due.

Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th March, World Book Day Mufti
The children are welcome to attend Pre-school dressed as their favourite book character. This a fundraising event and the cost is £2 per child, this will cover both days. A poster will be up on the Parents board advertising this.

Thursday 21st March 2019, Parents afternoon
There will be a Parents afternoon held at the Nursery on Thursday 21st March. A sign up sheet will be on the ‘Parents Board’ in the lobby from the 4th March so that you can arrange to see your child’s key worker at a convenient time. If anyone is unable to make the date we can make alternative arrangements.

Friday 5th April, Easter Party
No normal sessions will run on this day. A letter with more details is attached. As normal I will print a few copies off for those who don’t have access to a printer. The event is held in the morning and Buckles and Bows closed for the afternoon.

The Pre-school will then be closed for Easter until we return on Monday 23rd April 2019

Contact sheet

Please can we remind you that if any of your details change (address, telephone number, email etc) that you complete the change of circumstance form attached to the parents board and hand in for the attention of Zoë.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact either Lisa or myself. Please always check the website as you can find all key dates on it.
Kind regards,


Zoë Hall
07748 901606
Buckles & Bows Pre-School Nursery

Supertato/Healthy Eating

Week commencing 25th February 2019:

  • Supermarket role play area (UTW, EAD)
  • Write shopping lists (L)
  • Fruit and vegetable printing (EAD)
  • Making towns/villages with blocks and people (UTW)
  • Sink or float with fruit and veg (UTW)
  • Make pitta bread pizzas (UTW)
  • Find the evil peas in the garden (PSED)
  • Discuss healthy eating (CL)
  • Rescue the carrots from the ice (PD)
  • Sort the fruit by properties (M)
  • Talk about prices/costs (M)




Week commencing 4th February 2019:


The fun we had:

This week the children have been superheroes! They were very enthusiastic to complete the challenging obstacle course, tackling the obstacles by going over, under, through and jumping or climbing. They completed the course several times, showing patience and allowing their peers space in front of them and adapted the way in which they did it, for example, going under or over the wooden bridge or going though the tunnel or using the stepping stones beside it instead.The Children also had fun making capes and masks.





Week Commencing 28th January 2019

  • Sound of the week – ‘I’ (as in Igloo not eye) (L)
  • Parachute game – catch the alien (PD)
  • Read Aliens love underpants (L)
  • Aliens love underpants tuff spot to retell the story (L)
  • Estimating and weighing moon dust (M)
  • Free the aliens from green cornflour gloop (PD)
  • Freeze aliens in ice – how can we release them? (UTW)
  • Musical instruments – making alien sounds (EAD)
  • Make masks for the role play area (EAD)
  • Use magnets to paint (EAD)
  • Work together to make an alien (PSED)
  • Our topic visit which had been penciled in for this week will now be happening in the week before half term. More information to follow.