Welcome back to all our wonderful families, we’re looking forward to begin our first week with you all. Welcome also to out new families. We are so excited to meet you all, we hope you are excited to begin your Buckles and Bows journey! We hope you had a fantastic Summer Holiday and created some wonderful memories.

Incase you missed the news last week we wish Lyn a HUGE congratulations as she is expecting her first child in January!

This week will be:

  • Introducing names, key persons and children (PSED)
  • Nursery routine, reminders to new and old (PSED)
  • Sing nursery rhymes/songs with props (CL, EAD)
  • Create large marks with chalk (L, EAD)
  • Obstacle course, move in different ways (PD)
  • Set up themed role play using interests (EAD)

Thank you

Dear Parents and Carers

The team would like to say a HUGE thank you for all your generous gifts, cards and messages. They were very much appreciated and we were totally overwhelmed.

We have had a fantastic year with the children and look forward to welcoming the returning families.

Wishing lots of love and luck to all the School starters, you will be missed.

Have a fabulous Summer.

The Buckles and Bows Team

Going to School

Week commencing 2nd July 2018:

  • Classroom and School canteen role play area (EAD)
  • Sing and act graduation songs (EAD)
  • Talk about days of the week, seasons, weather (UtW)
  • Talk about our memories of Buckles and Bows (PSED, CL)
  • Practice buttons, Zips, Shoes (PD)
  • Talk about our new Schools, toys, uniform, teachers (CL, PSED)
  • Sink and float with household items (UtW)
  • Make pictures of nursery/School uniforms (EAD, UtW)

Under the Sea

Weeks commencing 18th June & 25th June 2018 activities:

  • Travel agents role play – make aeroplane tickets and passports (EAD)
  • Number rhymes – a sailor went to sea/the day I went to sea (EAD, L)
  • Make sea creatures out of junk modelling (PD, EAD)
  • Seaside scene in tuff spot (UTW)
  • Share ideas of our holiday experiences (CL, PSED)
  • Look up different flags and countries on the computer (UTW)
  • Stories – The rainbow fish, sharing a shell (L)
  • Visit our Ice cream Parlour






























Welcome back

Week commencing 4th June 2018:

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely half term. We will be continuing with the theme of Life Cycles and Vets. Please can we ask you to bring in junk modelling (recycling) and if possible a shoe box this week for making pets and animals.

We would like to highlight a new addition to the quiet room, the ‘Wow Wall’. Each week pictures will be rotated depending on the theme to show what we have been doing each week.


Life cycle – Vets

Week commencing 21/05/18. We will:

  • Make birthday Cakes using different resources (EAD, M)
  • ‘Dear Zoo’ story basket (L)
  • Vets practice role play (EAD)
  • Animals in the sand/water – sorting and counting (M, UotW)
  • Use sand timers to measure physical activities (PD, M)
  • Baking cupcakes, where do we get our ingredients? (UotW)
  • Make animals with Tap-a-shape (M, PD)
  • Zoo Lab will be visiting us on Monday 21st.


Week Commencing 14/5/18. This week we will:

  • Build homes using different Media (UotW, EAD, PD)
  • Draw pictures of ‘My Family’ (M, EAD, PD)
  • Make marks in the shaving foam (L)
  • Use our mud kitchen for Home role play (EAD)
  • Continue our theme of ‘growing’ (UotW)
  • Use CD player for different sounds for stories (CL, L)
  • Move, dance in different ways with ribbons (PD, EAD)