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Week Commencing 20th January 2020 – Princess, Knights and dragons

This week we will:

  • Look at feelings, how are we kind to our friends, were the ugly sisters kind to cinderella? (PSE)
  • Read and share stories, sequencing and joining in with repeated refrains. (CL)
  • Become more confident using the obstacle course. (PD)
  • Put out the fire using the spray bottles (PD, Fine motor)
  • Continue to find rhyming words in books, link initial sounds. (L)
  • Make castles using shapes, large and small. (M)
  • Follow mud kitchen recipes using different media (UW)
  • Make and create props for role play (EAD)

Mark making

Obstacle course

Paint by numbers

Using the obstacle course

Making props for role play

Making comparisons and describing how they are feeling

Making castles out of shapes

Making recipes in the mud kitchen

Writing princess party invitations


Week commencing 13th January 2020 – Space

  • The children will think about caring for an alien and make an alien together (PSE)
  • We will read ‘Aliens love underpants’ and retell the story using props (CL)
  • The children will make movements in yoga and using ‘Jumpstart Johnny’. (PD)
  • We will practice cutting skills (PD)
  • We will match  initial sounds matching objects and find the rhyming words in stories. (L)
  • Some children will use dice and draw parts on an alien body (M)
  • We will explore using the box to think about textures (UW, EAD)
  • The children can build using junk for story props and role play (EAD)
















Star memory and space board finished

Playing with rockets in the sand

Painting an Alien

Making a rocket

Welcome back to the Spring term 2020

Happy 2020 Everybody!

-This week we are talking about our Christmas experiences (PSE, UW)

-The children will share their thoughts and we will place it on a star (CL)

-We will find stars in the slime using tweezers and practice our mark making in the sand following patting (PD) (L)

-Order the stars and starry numerals, find and count the stars (M)

-Explore the tray with different shiny objects in the discovery tray (UW)

-Create night time pictures selecting resources independently (EAD)


Week commencing 25th November 2019 – Dear Santa

This week Christmas is starting!

  • We will talk about family customs, take account of what other say (PSE, UtW)
  • The children will listen to stories like ‘Dear Santa’ and make our letters, some of the children may like to make marks for their names (CL, L)
  • We can cut out pictures to put in our letters (PD)
  • In the post office the children can sort letters out by sizes and take on the role of the clerk and post delivery person (M, UtW, EAD)
  • We will make Christmas cards, making our own choice of resources (EAD)
  • We can wrap presents in our workshop (EAD, PD)

Painting and decorating the tree for Santa’s Workshop

Making Elf hats for Santa’s workshop

Wrapping presents in Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

Post Office


Writing a list for Santa

Wrapped a present for Mummy

Christmas cards

Week commencing 18th November 2019 – Dear Zoo

  • Following on from the wonderful sharing of the child’s special time with family, they decided to talk about their pets (PSE, CL, UW)
  • We have introduced song spoons to support learning nursery rhymes. With some of the children, when they are confident with rhymes we change the endings to different rhyming words – good fun to do at home (CL, L)
  • The children will practice their agility moving in different ways round an obstacle course (PD)
  • We are practising our cutting skills, cutting stripes for cages, making spiral snakes and making strips for hair (PD)
  • The children have decided to make a vets, making appointments, writing marks for diagnoses and prescriptions (L, UW)
  • We have a lovely Rain Forest Cafe for baking or role playing (EAD)

Dear Zoo story time

Finding different animals

Making a Smoothie in the Rain Forest Cafe




Obstacle course

A picture of my pets


Update and next week

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to thank you all for the fantastic response we received in sending in and posting pictures for our ‘Special Celebrations’ topic. The Children absolutely loved sharing their pictures and special memories with their friends. To complete the fantastic week we have had, we were incredibly lucky to be included in looking at the WW2 vehicles that Holy Family had on their grounds today. Please see the blog and the gallery for pictures

If you haven’t sent in any pictures yet, but would still like to, we will make sure the children still share them with the rest of the group.

Due to the engagement the children gave to this, we thought it would be a good idea to roll this into next weeks topic of ‘Dear Zoo’ and ask you to share (again by a photograph handed in or on tapestry) a picture of your family pets (or someone special to thems pet)

Thank you again for your continued support and contribution to your children’s learning.

The Buckles and Bows Team

Week commencing 11th November 2019 – People and Communities

  • Today we celebrate remembrance day with the Children (UTW)
  • We will paint poppies choosing the correct colours
  • Make poppies in the frames with grass to emulate the fields where the soldiers dies and the poppies grew (EAD)
  • The children can play in the tuff spot creating stories and understanding that sometimes people fight for their beliefs (PSE, CL. EAD)
  • The children will dance with ribbons for our parade with marching music (EAD)
  • The children will make a poppy biscuit for their snack remembering the need to wash and dry our hands before beginning (PD)



The children’s work decorating the entrance

Tuff spot

Tuff spot

Colouring in a poppy

Marching with Ribbons for remembrance day






Potato printing poppies



Can you fly like an aeroplane?

WW2 vehicles visiting The Holy Family School – thank you for the visit!




Ready for the children to make their ‘Poppy bisccuits’

Colouring in a poppy

Special Celebrations

Making Sand cakes

Making Play dough cakes