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Week commencing 11th November 2019 – People and Communities

  • Today we celebrate remembrance day with the Children (UTW)
  • We will paint poppies choosing the correct colours
  • Make poppies in the frames with grass to emulate the fields where the soldiers dies and the poppies grew (EAD)
  • The children can play in the tuff spot creating stories and understanding that sometimes people fight for their beliefs (PSE, CL. EAD)
  • The children will dance with ribbons for our parade with marching music (EAD)
  • The children will make a poppy biscuit for their snack remembering the need to wash and dry our hands before beginning (PD)







The children’s work decorating the entrance

Tuff spot

Tuff spot

Colouring in a poppy

Marching with Ribbons for remembrance day

Potato printing poppies

Ready for the children to make their ‘Poppy bisccuits’

Colouring in a poppy

Special Celebrations

People and Communities – homework

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of the ‘People and Communities’ week, next week we are going to talk about Remembrance day and children in need, the children will be asked to describe special times or events to their friends from their own experiences and what makes them special.

Please could you ask your child what special celebration they would like to talk to their friends about and then send in a photograph (or a copy of a photograph) of this special occasion, with your child’s name written on the back. For example, you could send in a photograph of your child’s last birthday, a family member’s birthday or last year’s Christmas celebrations.

Please can you send the photograph in or put it on Tapestry so they can share with their friends

Thank you for your continued support.

Week commencing 4th November 2019: Diwali- Fireworks

  • This week we will practice putting our shoes on ourselves and following the boundaries in nursery (PSE, PD)
  • The children will learn about fireworks and Diwali – lighting our homes for the celebration and seeing fireworks (CL, UW)
  • We will use out gross motor movement to swirl the ribbons to music (PD)
  • The children will make marks in the foam, glitter, sand and mud to emulate fireworks (PD)
  • We will listen to stories and continue to find rhyming words (L)
  • We can use shapes to make fireworks 2D and 3D (M)
  • The children will create firework pictures using the artist Jackson Pollock as inspiration (UW)
  • We will make Diva lamps, moulding the clay and discovering the texture (EAD, UW)

Making Diva lamps from clay


Firework picture inspired by Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock – inspiration

Jackson Pollock – inspiration

Making a clay diva lamp

Making movements to the music and pretending to be fireworks. Moving their arms and ribbons, making them swirl, doing big circles and making big arm actions to the sounds.

Week commencing 21st October 2019 – Room on the Broom

  • Read stories and think about others: ‘Pumpkin Soup’ talks about everyone having a turn. ‘Room on a Broom’, letting everyone join together. (PSE)
  • Sharing stories, hearing rhyming words (CL, L)
  • Move the ball with the broomstick, negotiating a path (PD)
  • Number songs, decorate the pumpkin with shapes (M)
  • Making potions, whisking bubbles using mud soup with natural resources (UtW)
  • Use resources to create spiderweb pictures, shapes for ghosts/pumpkins (children to select different media) (EAD)
  • Story time

    Can you draw a shaddow?

    Making shaddows

    Potion making

    Potion making

Week commencing 14th October – Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt – Leaf Hunt – Family

  • We will be interacting together, listening and follow leads to act out stories and listen to other opinions (PSE)
  • Follow and notice the rhythm in the stories, join in with text (L, CL)
  • Find different ways to move round the obstacle course (PD)
  • Make marks in the mud, sand. Use different natural resources on pegs to make marks (PD, L)
  • We’re going on a shape hunt – notice 2D and 3D shapes in the environment (M)
  • Count the spoons of ingredients and things to decorate our bear biscuits (M)
  • Operate CD player to listen to favourite stories (UW)
  • Create resources to use with the hunt stories (EAD)

Making binoculars for the bear hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt

Have we found the bear?

We’re going on a bear hunt…

Shape hunt – I’ve found a rectangle

Shape hunt – I found a circular shape

Shape hunt – I found a leaf shape

Week commencing 7th October 2019 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • This week we are going on an Autumn walk, we will look at how boundaries change when we are out of nursery and how important road safety is (PSE, PD)
  • We will read ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘Were going on a leaf hunt’ (CL, L)
  • The children will be encouraged to develop gross motor skills, swirling ribbons like Autumn leaves and making spiky hedgehogs. Counting how many spikes they have added matching to the correct numeral (PD,M)
  • The children will notice changes to the leaves and what is happening as it gets colder (UW)
  • We will use the treasures we find at the park to create pictures (EAD)

What does the tree feel like?


What does this shop sell?



Spikes on a hedgehog

Making a hedgehog

Counting bears and recognising numbers

Week Commencing 30th September 2019 – Little Red Riding Hood

  • This week we will talk about our families including grandparents (PSE).
  • We will listen to the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and join in with repeated refrains, talk about the characters (CL, L)
  • Play ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf?”, moving in different ways and realising the movements can be counted (PD, M)
  • We will start to make marks for our names and practice our fine motor skills feeding grandma food using tongs (PD)
  • We will learn to use the CD player and use headphones to listen to our favourite stories (UW)
  • The children will choose things they would like to make in the craft area, flowers/cards for Grandma (EAD

Feeding the wolf using tongs