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Week commencing 1st March 2021 – Superworms

This week we will:

  • Talk about being kind to creatures and the need to release them (PSE, UTW)
  • Look and handle books with care, non fiction/fiction (CL)
  • Make worms with cereal
  • Collect worms using bird pegs
  • Move like different bugs
  • Manipulate a ball
  • Find letters, write a worm name (L)
  • Find the initial sounds (L)
  • How many legs? (M)
  • Learn which mini beasts lay eggs
  • Make a wormery (UtW)
  • Draw bugs and insects (EAD)

Welcome back to Spring 2

Week commencing 22nd February 2021 – Dinosaur

Good morning and welcome back everyone. We hope you had a lovely break over half term.

Please can we remind you all how fantastic it is when we receive your updates on Tapestry as we like to make sure we use your input for planning and next steps with the children.

This week we will be starting with a princess dinosaur story as the vote by the children was for both.

This week we will:

  • Share news (PSE)
  • Learn about dinosaurs (UTW)
  • Look at fiction, non-fiction books about dinosaurs (CL)
  • Move in different way – don’t go in the lava. (PD)
  • Make dinosaur prints (PD)
  • Draw round stencils (PD)
  • Match the right eggs to the sound eggs (L)
  • Draw patterns on the dinosaur
  • Find the shapes on the dinosaurs (M)
  • Talk about different times
  • How can we move the dinosaur to the top of the bucklet (UTW)
  • Make prints (hands) into something special (EAD)

Week commencing 8th February 2021 – Chinese New Year

This week we will:-

  • Talk about festivals we celebrate – learn Chinese New Year traditions (PSE)
  • Join in with stories songs and rhymes (CL)
  • Use the tongs tweezers to move the food (PD)
  • Write Chinese letters in the glitter (PD)
  • Move in different ways for the dragon dance (PD)
  • Match sounds to objects (L)
  • Write/make marks in the Chinese restaurant
  • Build the cubes to represent the Chinese numerals (M)
  • Think about different celebrations (UW)
  • Make lanterns/Chinese drums. Move to the music for dragon dance (EAD)

Spring 1 Learning Journey

Week commencing 25th January 2021 – Dear Zoo

  • Talk about animals and how do we care for them (PSE)
  • Listen and join in with animal stories (CL)
  • Move like animals – thinking of ideas (PD)
  • Put legs on the animals using pegs (PD)
  • Make snakes threading pasta (PD)
  • Link sound (initials) to animal names (L)
  • Link elephants – measure add the correct amount of legs (M)
  • Notice different patterns on animals (UtW)
  • Paint patterns on animals and paint favourite animals (EAD)

Week commencing 18th January 2021 – Antarctic

This week we will:

  • Lost and found – we will be talking about feelings, what makes us lonely (PSE)
  • Say initial sounds – look at letters and sounds, listening and attention (CL)
  • Move in different ways. Playing the Penguin game. What makes us get hot? (PD)
  • Rhyming strings and games (L)
  • Match the numerals to spots on the penguins (M)
  • Make a boat for the boy and the penguin (UtW)
  • Move to the music in different ways (EAD)

Week commencing 11th January 2020 – Artic

This week we will be learning about the Artic:

  • Where is the artic – focus time (PSE)
  • Read the book, ‘Over in the Artic where the cold wind blows (CL)
  • Cut snowflakes (fine motor)
  • Move like the animals – gross motor (PD)
  • Find the rhyming mittens (Reading)
  • Write letters with glue and glitter (writing)
  • Measure he animals using cubes (M)
  • How do animals survive? Look at blubber – experiment (UtW)
  • Make artic animals as a team – textures/working together

Tonight’s Update

This evening Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that registered early years providers will be allowed to remain open during the upcoming national lockdown in England. 

We are opening as normal tomorrow and planning to continue to do so going forward.

Please bear with us at this difficult time.