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W/c 10th May 2021 – Wild animals

This week we will:

  • Read ‘Dear Zoo’, ‘Noah’s Ark’, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ (L)
  • Practise/learn Graduation songs (CL, EAD)
  • Listen to animal sounds (CL)
  • Write letters/draw pictures to the Zoo (PD, L)
  • Link animals in twos (M)
  • Play animal games – animal dominoes, snakes and ladders (PSED, M)
  • Noah’s Ark tuff spot (UtW, EAD, L)
  • Look at what wild animals come from eggs e.g snakes, crocodiles (UtW)
  • Share stories/experiences of wild animals (PSED)
  • What effect does exercise have on our bodies (PD)
  • Learn new words for animal parents/babies (UtW)
  • Songs in the water with props e.g Tiny Tim (L, CL, EAD)
  • Farm or wild? Sorting game (UtW)
  • Paint favourite wild animal (EAD, PD)
  • Guess the animal by the description (CL, UtW)
  • Build boats using sticks and shapes (PD, EAD)

Week commencing 4th May 2021 – Farm animals

This week we will:

  • Vet role play area (UtW, PSED, EAD)
  • Make animals using shape sponges (EAD, M)
  • Sing animal songs (CL, EAD)
  • Use patterns for animal prints (EAD)
  • Link babies to animal mummies (UtW)
  • Look at what comes out of eggs (UtW)
  • Look at powerpoint to find out what farmers do (UtW)
  • Use drawing programme to create animals (UtW)
  • Read ‘Rosie’s Walk’, ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’, ‘Little Red Hen’ and a ‘Squash and a squeeze’ (L, CL)
  • Sort the animals by size and colour (M)
  • Colour by numbers farm pictures (EAD, M)
  • Make animal homes using sticks to make shapes (M,PD)
  • Make farm pictures with Tap-a-shapes (PD)
  • Farm tuff spot (UtW)
  • Scrub animals in Mrs Wishy Washy’s Tub (L, PD)
  • Draw/paint favourite farm animal (EAD, L, PD)

Week commencing 26th April 2021 – Babies/Me

This week we will:

  • Talk about new life, recap life cycles and talk about how babies start life (PSED, UtW)
  • Read new baby stories, Owl babies (L,CL)
  • Baby clinic roe play area (EAD, UtW)
  • Make ‘all about me flowers’ (EAD, L, PD)
  • Wash babies in the water tray (UtW0
  • Check seeds and discuss the changes (UtW)
  • Move like a baby in obstacle course (PD)
  • Measure children and order by height (M)
  • Add candles to playdough cakes (M)
  • Share experiences of babies at home (CL, UtW)
  • Taste different foods, smells, textures (PD)
  • Build homes with bricks (PD, EAD)
  • Make self portraits, update our display board (EAD)

Week commencing 19th April 2021: St Georges day – George and the dragon

This week we will:

  • Talk about England – share English traditions. (PSE)
  • Think about the knights role (PSE)
  • Learn new language – bold, honour, protect, lance, joust, sword, armour, learn new songs about England (CL)
  • Play football, croquet, gross motor skills used (PD)
  • Use spray bottles to put out flames (PD)
  • Post the swords (PD)
  • Pop up dragon (PD)
  • Make afternoon tea invites (L)
  • Make marks for story (L)
  • Look at England fact cards and non-fiction (L)
  • Counting sugar in tea (M)
  • How many dragons? (M)
  • Build bridges and castles – shapes (M)
  • Look at the English flag (UtW)
  • Colour a flag using the drawing programme (UtW)
  • Make a fire breathing dragon (EAD)
  • Make a hand print red rose (EAD)
  • Dragon dancing with music (EAD)

Week commencing 22nd March 2021 – Easter/’The Little Red Hen’

This week we will:

  • Read Easter stories (C, CL)
  • The Little Red Hen tuff spot (L, EAD)
  • Use magnifying glasses to look at different eggs (UtW)
  • Use paper plats to make Easter Baskets (EAD, PD)
  • Copy patterns on eggs (M, EAD)
  • Easter craft (EAD)
  • Hunt for numbered eggs in the garden (M, UTW, L)
  • Life cycle of a hen (UtW, CL)
  • Garden centre role play (EAD, M, PSED)
  • Talk about Easter traditions (CL, UtW)
  • Easter themed dominoes (PSED, CL)
  • More planting!!!! (UtW, PD)

Easter party reminder – no normal sessions 09:00-11:00. Close for Easter break. Please ensure you have confirmed attendance with Zoë

Week commencing 15th March 2021 – Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we will:

  • Use props to retell the story (L, CL)
  • Talk about how Jack felt at different parts of the story (PSED)
  • Use CD player to play stories (UTW, PSED)
  • Measure each other and build beanstalks a stall (M, PD)
  • Move in different ways around the garden to avoid the giant (PD)
  • Build castles using various materials (PD, EAD)
  • Sort and move beans using tweezers (PD)
  • Read other stories including giants (L)
  • Make shakers using beans (EAD)
  • Trace over chalk marks with water (EAD, L)
  • Thread leaves on to pipe cleaners (PD)
  • Garden centre role play (EAD, CL, UtW)
  • Play shopping game (PSED)