Summer Term

We hope you have had a lovely Easter break. We would like to give a big warm welcome to the 5 new children and families starting with us this term, we hope you all enjoy your time with us.

Over the term we will start to plant seeds for the outside. We will also record what has happened to our beans while we have been on our break and re-pot them in soil.

Week commencing 16th April 2018

This week, the topic will be ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and we have some live caterpillars arriving in the week. We will:

  • use the story sacks/puppets to retell the story (L)
  • make a garden centre role play, using money (EAD,M)
  • make marks with bugs in the sand (EAD)
  • thread the leaves on pipe cleaners (PD)
  • watch metamorphosis and life cycle on the computer (UotW)
  • Build caterpillars and butterflies using blocks and linking toys (PD)