W/c 11th July – Going to School

  • Share experiences of school visits, talk about teachers, uniform, classroom etc
  • School themed role play area
  • Make pictures of nursery uniform
  • Make self portraits for diplay
  • Design a heart: what we love at nursery
  • Take part in activities that involve turn taking and sharing resources
  • School small world set up
  • Read books about School, e.g “Colour Monster”
  • Make faces in the sand using pebbles/shells
  • Make going to school book
  • Hopscotch in the playground
  • Play team sports: football/basketball
  • Sink and float household objects
  • Sew letters of our names
  • Move using whole bodies, e.g Traffic Light game
  • Hide objects in the sand to count
  • Make marks with chalk on playground