Week commencing 11th November 2019 – People and Communities

  • Today we celebrate remembrance day with the Children (UTW)
  • We will paint poppies choosing the correct colours
  • Make poppies in the frames with grass to emulate the fields where the soldiers dies and the poppies grew (EAD)
  • The children can play in the tuff spot creating stories and understanding that sometimes people fight for their beliefs (PSE, CL. EAD)
  • The children will dance with ribbons for our parade with marching music (EAD)
  • The children will make a poppy biscuit for their snack remembering the need to wash and dry our hands before beginning (PD)



The children’s work decorating the entrance

Tuff spot

Tuff spot

Colouring in a poppy

Marching with Ribbons for remembrance day






Potato printing poppies



Can you fly like an aeroplane?

WW2 vehicles visiting The Holy Family School – thank you for the visit!




Ready for the children to make their ‘Poppy bisccuits’

Colouring in a poppy

Special Celebrations

Making Sand cakes

Making Play dough cakes