Week commencing 13th January 2020 – Space

  • The children will think about caring for an alien and make an alien together (PSE)
  • We will read ‘Aliens love underpants’ and retell the story using props (CL)
  • The children will make movements in yoga and using ‘Jumpstart Johnny’. (PD)
  • We will practice cutting skills (PD)
  • We will match  initial sounds matching objects and find the rhyming words in stories. (L)
  • Some children will use dice and draw parts on an alien body (M)
  • We will explore using the box to think about textures (UW, EAD)
  • The children can build using junk for story props and role play (EAD)
















Star memory and space board finished

Playing with rockets in the sand

Painting an Alien

Making a rocket