Week commencing 19th April 2021: St Georges day – George and the dragon

This week we will:

  • Talk about England – share English traditions. (PSE)
  • Think about the knights role (PSE)
  • Learn new language – bold, honour, protect, lance, joust, sword, armour, learn new songs about England (CL)
  • Play football, croquet, gross motor skills used (PD)
  • Use spray bottles to put out flames (PD)
  • Post the swords (PD)
  • Pop up dragon (PD)
  • Make afternoon tea invites (L)
  • Make marks for story (L)
  • Look at England fact cards and non-fiction (L)
  • Counting sugar in tea (M)
  • How many dragons? (M)
  • Build bridges and castles – shapes (M)
  • Look at the English flag (UtW)
  • Colour a flag using the drawing programme (UtW)
  • Make a fire breathing dragon (EAD)
  • Make a hand print red rose (EAD)
  • Dragon dancing with music (EAD)