Week commencing 23rd September 2019 – The Three Little Pigs

Following the interests of a lot of the children, we are going to learn ‘The 3 Little pigs’.

  • Continue to discuss what makes us unique – houses we live in, families etc (PSE)
  • Read the story, join in repeated refrains, sequence it (C,L)
  • What’s the time MR Wolf; negotiate space, build houses using our gross motor skills (PD, M)
  • Use different shaped blocks to build (M)
  • Learn to maneuverer remote control cards round a path (UW)
  • Follow the paths using different fine motor tools (PD)
  • Practice our colouring making skills to make pig pictures (EAD)

Colour: Some of the children’s work from the last two weeks

Working together

Building a brick house to stop the Big Bag Wolf from blowing it down