Week commencing 28th June 2021: Colour monster goes to school – Emotions

This week we will:

  • Talk about how we are feeling and what makes us feel different emotions (PSED, UTW)
  • School themed role play (EAD)
  • Make faces in the sand using pebbles, shells (M, PSED)
  • Promote independence using puzzles (M, PD)
  • Talk about our new schools and teachers (CL, UTW)
  • Use household objects to explore float and sink (UtW)
  • Draw maps of how we get to school (L, PD
  • Use hart shape to make a picture of what we love about nursery (PD, L, EAD, UtW, CL)
  • Make a school with small world toys (UtW, EAD)
  • Practise using buttons, zips and fastenings (PD)
  • Match cars to their numbered parking spaces (M)
  • make a colour monster using specific colours (EAD)
  • Use own choice of media to make imitations of uniforms (EAD, UtW)
  • Use needle and wool to sew initial sound of name (PD)