Week commencing 4th November 2019: Diwali- Fireworks

  • This week we will practice putting our shoes on ourselves and following the boundaries in nursery (PSE, PD)
  • The children will learn about fireworks and Diwali – lighting our homes for the celebration and seeing fireworks (CL, UW)
  • We will use out gross motor movement to swirl the ribbons to music (PD)
  • The children will make marks in the foam, glitter, sand and mud to emulate fireworks (PD)
  • We will listen to stories and continue to find rhyming words (L)
  • We can use shapes to make fireworks 2D and 3D (M)
  • The children will create firework pictures using the artist Jackson Pollock as inspiration (UW)
  • We will make Diva lamps, moulding the clay and discovering the texture (EAD, UW)

Making Diva lamps from clay


Firework picture inspired by Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock – inspiration

Jackson Pollock – inspiration

Making a clay diva lamp

Making movements to the music and pretending to be fireworks. Moving their arms and ribbons, making them swirl, doing big circles and making big arm actions to the sounds.