Week commencing 9th November 2020 – Diwali

This week we will

  • Read Diwali stories with props (CL, L)
  • Fireworks number songs (M)
  • Throw teabags to make fireworks (PD)
  • Draw Rangoli patterns with chalk (L, PD)
  • Draw shapes in the sand (PD, L, M)
  • Talk about Diwali and who celebrates it (UtW)
  • Use 2D shapes to make patterns (M)
  • Decorate handprints with mendhi patterns (PD, EAD)
  • Talk about Remembrance day (CL, PSED)
  • Poppy Field tuff tray (UtW, EAD)
  • Decorate poppy biscuits (PD)
  • Make poppy craft using shapes, lolly sticks and apple prints (EAD)