People who help us – Police Visit

As part of our topic (people who help us/occupations) Buckles and Bows were really exited to have a visit from real police officers today. Police Sergeant Kirsty, PC Matt and PC Andy, showed the preschool all their ‘kit’ including handcuffs and all the different helmets they wear. All the children enjoyed trying on the uniform.

We had a big think and talked about some of the things that the police officers do, like helping people who are lost, reminding people to the right thing and of course arresting naughty people.

We even got to sit in the police van. PC Matt put on the blue flashing lights and we listened to the very loud siren!

Visits such as todays helps our children to understand the community and world around them and also helps them to learn about the different ways that people help us to keep safe and different occupations.

We all had a fantastic morning! A great big thank you to Kirsty, Matt and Andy for taking time out of their busy day to come and visit us at Buckles and Bows. Now the children are inspired to maybe become police officers themselves one day!