Week commencing 9th March 2020 – People who help us in the community

  • This week we are having a visit from the Police and learning all about their role (PSE,UtW)
  • The children will learn some new rhymes to do with their emergency services (CL)
  • We will include some new words for them to use in their play (CL)
  • They can cut paper and make ladders, write signs for our roadsafety play (PD, UW)
  • We will learn the sequence of the emergency services numbers (M)
  • Build towers and rescue toys using different shapes (space, shape)
  • The children can include walkie talkies and metal detectors, learning which buttons make them work (UtW)
  • We have a police station and car to enhance our role play (EAD)
  • Lots of finger prints and turning them into different things (EAD)