W/c 10th May 2021 – Wild animals

This week we will:

  • Read ‘Dear Zoo’, ‘Noah’s Ark’, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ (L)
  • Practise/learn Graduation songs (CL, EAD)
  • Listen to animal sounds (CL)
  • Write letters/draw pictures to the Zoo (PD, L)
  • Link animals in twos (M)
  • Play animal games – animal dominoes, snakes and ladders (PSED, M)
  • Noah’s Ark tuff spot (UtW, EAD, L)
  • Look at what wild animals come from eggs e.g snakes, crocodiles (UtW)
  • Share stories/experiences of wild animals (PSED)
  • What effect does exercise have on our bodies (PD)
  • Learn new words for animal parents/babies (UtW)
  • Songs in the water with props e.g Tiny Tim (L, CL, EAD)
  • Farm or wild? Sorting game (UtW)
  • Paint favourite wild animal (EAD, PD)
  • Guess the animal by the description (CL, UtW)
  • Build boats using sticks and shapes (PD, EAD)