Week commencing 4th May 2021 – Farm animals

This week we will:

  • Vet role play area (UtW, PSED, EAD)
  • Make animals using shape sponges (EAD, M)
  • Sing animal songs (CL, EAD)
  • Use patterns for animal prints (EAD)
  • Link babies to animal mummies (UtW)
  • Look at what comes out of eggs (UtW)
  • Look at powerpoint to find out what farmers do (UtW)
  • Use drawing programme to create animals (UtW)
  • Read ‘Rosie’s Walk’, ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’, ‘Little Red Hen’ and a ‘Squash and a squeeze’ (L, CL)
  • Sort the animals by size and colour (M)
  • Colour by numbers farm pictures (EAD, M)
  • Make animal homes using sticks to make shapes (M,PD)
  • Make farm pictures with Tap-a-shapes (PD)
  • Farm tuff spot (UtW)
  • Scrub animals in Mrs Wishy Washy’s Tub (L, PD)
  • Draw/paint favourite farm animal (EAD, L, PD)