Week commencing 26th April 2021 – Babies/Me

This week we will:

  • Talk about new life, recap life cycles and talk about how babies start life (PSED, UtW)
  • Read new baby stories, Owl babies (L,CL)
  • Baby clinic roe play area (EAD, UtW)
  • Make ‘all about me flowers’ (EAD, L, PD)
  • Wash babies in the water tray (UtW0
  • Check seeds and discuss the changes (UtW)
  • Move like a baby in obstacle course (PD)
  • Measure children and order by height (M)
  • Add candles to playdough cakes (M)
  • Share experiences of babies at home (CL, UtW)
  • Taste different foods, smells, textures (PD)
  • Build homes with bricks (PD, EAD)
  • Make self portraits, update our display board (EAD)