Week commencing 11th October 2021 – Autumn

Autumn walk – Monday and Thursday 09:30 – 11:30

This week we will:

  • Talk about the changes to the season – what clothes should we wear? what has happened to the environment?
  • Learn new songs for Autumn
  • Listen to Autumn theme stories – ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’, ‘Leaf Man’.
  • Learn new words such as Hibernation, foraging….
  • Number 5 – find 5 natural objects eg conkers
  • Conker rolling painting
  • Float and sink natural objects
  • Build homes for animals which hibernate
  • Make hedgehogs in playdough, count prickles
  • Practise putting coats on
  • create leaf and bark rubbings

Please remember to bring back your reading books so we can swap them for you to enjoy a new story together.