Week commencing 18th November 2019 – Dear Zoo

  • Following on from the wonderful sharing of the child’s special time with family, they decided to talk about their pets (PSE, CL, UW)
  • We have introduced song spoons to support learning nursery rhymes. With some of the children, when they are confident with rhymes we change the endings to different rhyming words – good fun to do at home (CL, L)
  • The children will practice their agility moving in different ways round an obstacle course (PD)
  • We are practising our cutting skills, cutting stripes for cages, making spiral snakes and making strips for hair (PD)
  • The children have decided to make a vets, making appointments, writing marks for diagnoses and prescriptions (L, UW)
  • We have a lovely Rain Forest Cafe for baking or role playing (EAD)

Dear Zoo story time

Finding different animals

Making a Smoothie in the Rain Forest Cafe




Obstacle course

A picture of my pets