Week commencing 25th November 2019 – Dear Santa

This week Christmas is starting!

  • We will talk about family customs, take account of what other say (PSE, UtW)
  • The children will listen to stories like ‘Dear Santa’ and make our letters, some of the children may like to make marks for their names (CL, L)
  • We can cut out pictures to put in our letters (PD)
  • In the post office the children can sort letters out by sizes and take on the role of the clerk and post delivery person (M, UtW, EAD)
  • We will make Christmas cards, making our own choice of resources (EAD)
  • We can wrap presents in our workshop (EAD, PD)

Painting and decorating the tree for Santa’s Workshop

Making Elf hats for Santa’s workshop

Wrapping presents in Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

Post Office


Writing a list for Santa

Wrapped a present for Mummy

Christmas cards