Week commencing 24th May 2021: What the ladybird heard

This week we will:

  • Talk about being kind and gentle to the bugs we find and the need to release them. (PSED, UTW, CL)
  • Read ‘What the ladybird Heard’, talk about the characters (L, CL)
  • Police station role play area (UTW, EAD)
  • Use string worms to make marks with paint (EAD)
  • Draw animals with the correct number of legs (M)
  • Clap out syllables for insect names (L,M)
  • Talk about/identify the rhyming words in the story (L.CL)
  • Make a garden in the tuff spot (EAD, UTW)
  • Are ladybirds circles/ovals? Find other circles/ovals (M).
  • Use Tweezers to sort the bugs (PD)
  • Make playdough bugs with playdough (EAD, PD, UtW)
  • Look at the job of the farmer and police officer (UtW)
  • Use computer to find out facts about ladybirds (UtW)
  • Make bugs using potatoes and pebbles (EAD)
  • Draw slug trails in chalk around the playground (EAD, L)

Next week is half term – Have a lovely weeks break!