Week commencing 7th June 2021 – The Queen’s Birthday

This week we will:

  • Read books about the Queen and London (L)
  • Talk about our experiences and share knowledge of London (CL, PSED, UTW)
  • Order the cakes by numeral (M)
  • Make cakes in the sand with pebbles, shells, cones (M, EAD)
  • Design birthday card for the Queen (EAD, L)
  • Make party invitations for a tea party (L)
  • London Bus role play area (EAD)
  • Use blocks to build castle/palace (PD, EAD)
  • Draw/paint portraits of the Queen (EAD, L)
  • Graduation practice (CL, PSED, EAD)
  • Make crowns (EAD, PD)
  • Write recipes for mud kitchen birthday cakes. (L)
  • Fathers Day craft (PD, CL, L, EAD)